by Nihility

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Debut LP due summer '17.


released September 22, 2014

Recorded by Nihility and Jack Orba.
Mixed and mastered by Gabor at Ghostship Recordings.
Artwork by Misanthropic Art.



all rights reserved


Nihility Southampton, UK

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Track Name: Consumed
Enslaved by substance
A pawn to the euphoria that you seek
Pushed to self-hatred
For a small relief from reality
Misery has its grip
Struggling to survive in a realm of despair
Alleviate your woe and your fear
As temptation draws you near
Lay your head to rest
An escape from a world so wicked
Try to save yourself
As reality takes your last breath
Latch on to a new high
As you plummet to the depths of your mind
Your weakness consumes you
Set yourself free.
Track Name: Deliverance
Led to intolerance like fucking sheep
Minds corrupt in a shroud of bigotry
Gathered in masses to protect their beliefs
Preaching hatred and disgust with no relief
In the name of the righteous
To their knees they fall
Praying for deliverance of those
Who've done no wrong at all
Forcing shame upon others
In a reign of absolute control
Under the hand of holy tyranny
Humanity crumbles to its lowest low
Condemned by tradition
In fear of perdition
Like lamb to the slaughter
The burden of mankind is itself.
Track Name: To Protect And Serve
Thirst for bloodshed
Order is preserved
The role of ths righteous
Is to protect and serve
Rife with corruption and judicial idiocy
To rain fists upon the innocent
And plead not guilty
Reinforcing the segregation of public and law
Rules built to oppress the weak and the poor
Because according to court
It is the duty of the brave
To lay down the law
And send you to your grave.
Track Name: Internal War
Desperation in its final form
The plea for mercy is ignored with no remorse
Grovelling at the edge of a blade
A life hangs weak on the end of its final days
Tortured and broken
The struggle is lost in a fight to survive
Left with nothing
A body left cold, shaking and petrified
The soil embraces a body devoid of life
A cold reminder of the world left behind
By the blade of a razor or deaths unforgiving scythe
From the depths of misery
No man, woman or child will emerge
Victory is just a vivid dream
No scream nor plead will be heard
Reality unfolds as the weak fall one by one
No life is safe nor sacred
Every life will be forgotten
Internal War